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Spritual Yoga Gurus

Yogi Satish Nautiyal

Yogi Satish Nautiyal Ji

– Founder | Ashtanga & Vinyasa Instructor
Yogi Satish ji is a professional yoga asana teacher calls himself a yoga instructor as he believes that yoga is a vast concept and whole life is a learning process. Though he has more than six years of teaching experience. He is having great command in Vedic mantras and always carry a gentle smile on his face. He begins his class with mantra chanting in an authentic manner which gives you inner peace and then his instructions are like a song which make you stay focused and bound with him till the end of the class. Satish ji is a registered Yoga Alliance certified teacher (RYT) 200 hours, 300 hours respectively.

Yogi Ankit Maithani Ji

Ankit Ji brings calm and peace in his meditation session, He has been teaching meditation for approx 3 years.
He is a registered yoga teacher and learned all the yogic practices from the Sivananda ashram. Since childhood, he has been keen to know spritual life and experience divinity. So he started his yogic journey living in Sivanand Ashram( One of the most authentic Ashram from where great Swami Swami Sivanand got enlightened). Under the guidance of great sadhus he learnt the yogic practices.
He holds the degree of Masters in yogic science. Later he completed some sessions of Vipassana. He has a calm and friendly nature.

Yogi Harminder Ji

Yogi Harminder Ji is a beloved Yoga Anatomy and physiology teacher. He is 500 hours register Yoga teacher (ryt) and has done Masters in Yoga from Dev Sanskrit University. He has experience in the various aspects of yoga therapy and Anatomy. In his Six years of teaching he has also found the system and structure of the body captivating while doing Pranayam and Asana. Yogi Harminder ji is devoted t share his knowledge to aspirants.

Yogi Varun Ji

Yogi Varun ji is a professional Yoga philosophy and well known Asana teacher, he started learning yoga from his childhood
and had successfully completed B.sc honours in Yogic science (Yoga therapist) and M.sc in Yogic science, he is also five times gold medalist in national and international level yoga Asana competition. He has also very good command in Sanskrit Language, Vedanta philosophy and Vedic mantras.

Yogi Ankit Ji

Yogi Ankit ji is a yoga asana teacher, he has four years of teaching experience in different styles of yoga asana such as Hatha Yoga, vinyasa flow and ashtanga yoga. He is post- gratitude in Yogic science and practiced under the guidance of rudra ji(Rishikesh) and many others. Also being a practitioner he has very good knowledge of Mudras, Nadi and shatkarma.

Yogi Kalpendra Ji

Yogi Kalpendra ji our beloved yoga teacher and we’ll known globally for his amazing pranayam teaching skills, He has been teaching for more than one decade in different parts of the world as a pranayam teacher. Yogi Kalpendra ji has done his masters in Yogic science from the renowned yoga University of Haridwar and practicing / experimenting different techniques of pranayama and observed how does it impacts in human system. These techniques are so unique and beneficial for all most every individual suffering from body as well mind.

Yogi RajeevJi

Yogi Rajeev ji is one of the best Hatha Yoga teacher in Rishikesh for more than six years of teaching experience he has very famous among students, how patiently and with depth he explain each Asana made him more understandable and easy to learn for students all over the world. He has successfully done his masters in Yoga and naturopathy from P.G college haridwar and proud 500 hours Register Yoga teacher (ryt).

Yogi Praveen Ji

Yogi Praveen ji is a registered yoga teacher (ryt 500) and having five years of teaching experience in hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation. He feels that yoga in many ways changes lives and believe the first asana he ever did was the beginning of his journey to becoming his most authentic self. Being a yoga guide he loves when students find something within themselves to empower them.